Air Transportation



We secure competitive fares through building a close relationship with major airline companies around the world and direct freight charge negotiation to provide optimal air logistics services. We will offer services prioritizing our customers’ position based on a fast and accurate business system, ranging from receiving customers’ requests for shipment to booking, pick-up, packing and delivery. And we will provide satisfying service to meet various customer needs in today's rapidly-changing world market.
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Major Task

  • Customized service for a shipper by arranging managers for each shipper
  • Total services including customs clearance/storage/quarantine/maintenance duties assured by operating airport warehouse
  • Competitive fares and sufficient freight space offered by building closer ties with the world’s leading airlines

Air freight import/export services

Sea transport services among three countries

DOOR-TO-DOOR services

Dangerous cargo air transport services

SEA & AIR services

COURIER special delivery services