Company Greetings

The symbol mark of KBRIDGE CO.,LTD. is a combination of KOREA, which means Korea, and BRIDGE, which means bridge. It contains the will to act as a bridge between Korea and global business.

Welcome to KBRIDGE website.
Thank you sincerely for your continued support.

KBRIDGE CO.,LTD. C.E.O Jin Heon, Son

As a new logistics company based on years of trade experience
KBRIDGE is not just a forwarder who acts on behalf of shipping,
but will try to deliver your cargo more safely and quickly with
differentiated services. We will provide customized services
that are differentiated from other companies and develop overseas markets
that are difficult for customers, and KBRIDGE will be a trust-building
company and a growing logistics company.

We will not lose our initial commitment but will continue to improve
service quality through constant competition and development to meet
expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we will stand as a company
leading in the global logistics industry.